Monday, November 16, 2009


The Experimental Jet version 5 was a fun design assignment. It was designed for the purpose of fighting as a boss battle, and to show that the Nazi's were developing jet engine technology early on due to their rocket program. I took a traditional flying wing design and sleeked it out with integrated engines and an extended tail design. I also added a bunch of manned gunner balls that you would have to take out before you could easily approach the plane. As well as dealing the guns, periodically the rockets would fire so you could never be in their path. It was a really fun concept that ultimately got cut but it was alot of fun collaborating with Justin Lewers ( this one.


Kevin T. Chin said...

Incredible jet design, so badass!

Anonymous said...

That's not a joke or imagination!! Tha Nazi were developing such kind of airplane and, as soon as they were knocked down by allied forces, the USA seized both the plane and all the projects... plus all the scientists wich were working on the project ..... do you know Black Projects? Area 51?
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