Friday, March 25, 2011

Deep Realms

Recently Playdom released its latest RPG "Deep Realms"
I did much of the preproduction work on this game during my time at Playdom, and I have to say that the final result looks stunning. Deep Realms is a deep RPG game with an appealing look that should appeal to the hardcore enthusiasts, and casual players alike. The team at Playdom should be very proud as all their efforts.

Cave design

Look and feel development for the Cave level, as well as layout design and textures.

Desert environment

Desert look and feel, and layout designs.

Farm Designs

Various environment development

Early development on look and feel of various environments. The UI tests and characters were done by Jillian Ogle and the dragon drawing was done by Alex Ahad
Render was done by me.

Jungle, Forrest, Snow, and Tidelands Concepts

game intro storyboards

Storyboards describing the first act of the game. I did the environment, Jillian Ogle designed the characters, and Scott Saunders designed the UI