Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saboteur Marketing and Posters


The Resistance in action!

These illustrations were to help guide the game play in the Parthenon mission, and give the level a color tone.

Oh and The Saboteur won
Best Art Direction of E3 for the X-Box 360 on IGN!

Pheonix Aurora

The Pheonix Aurora is the culmination of the Aurora legacy. The Pheonix is a disguised version of the Aurora that is used for the final race of the game. It was a difficult challenge because it had to look like the Aurora to the player, but be unrecognizable to the characters in the game. I ended up completely redesigning the rear while only slightly upgrading the front. I wanted the shorten the nostrils (grill) while broadening the chin of the front to give it a more brutish look from the Aurora. The lights were also placed on the bottom of the car. The rear, which was inspired by more modern cars had to be big enough to fit some special cargo for the finale of the race. I gave the rear of the Pheonix big fenders to give the appearance of shoulders, like on a lioness crouching while stalking a prey. Overall I feel the final design reflects the more powerful feeling that I was trying to convey over the original Aurora.


I started designing Saarbrucken early in the project cause we knew that a big race was going to happen within the tiny german town. By working with the world builders, together we came up with the foundations for a track that would weave in and out of the town. The track changed many times, but these paintings helped capture the spirit of the race that was retained all the way through to the final design.

Silver Claw II

Dierker, Sean's race rival and object of revenge developed his own race car for the final race of the game. At the Doppelsieg factory, the Nazi's develope cutting edge technology second only to the Aurora. I wanted Dierkers Silver Claw to be a reflection of his character. I made the proportions low like a formula one cause Dierker would be an underhanded fighter. I based many of the design feature off his face. The car has a long pompous nose and a grill that mimicks his clenched teeth. The long lines that lead to the side air intakes mimicks his sneer and I put the exhaust pipes behind his head so that from a front view, when the exhaust shoots out short flames, it looks like Dierker has horns of fire for added devil effects :)


The Experimental Jet version 5 was a fun design assignment. It was designed for the purpose of fighting as a boss battle, and to show that the Nazi's were developing jet engine technology early on due to their rocket program. I took a traditional flying wing design and sleeked it out with integrated engines and an extended tail design. I also added a bunch of manned gunner balls that you would have to take out before you could easily approach the plane. As well as dealing the guns, periodically the rockets would fire so you could never be in their path. It was a really fun concept that ultimately got cut but it was alot of fun collaborating with Justin Lewers ( this one.


The Experimental Jet 7 was developed as part of the Valhall rocket program. Its designed to be a long range bomber with a sort of jet fighter aesthetic. I modeled the body of the plane after a bomb to visually describe the function. I then added the chrome because I thought it might be a specialized and prestigious squadron. Lastly I gave it strait angled wings to give them a stern hammerhead shape. I'm very happy with the final design, and I only wish that planes hadn't been cut so that I could have could cut loose with it in the game :)