Monday, November 16, 2009

Silver Claw II

Dierker, Sean's race rival and object of revenge developed his own race car for the final race of the game. At the Doppelsieg factory, the Nazi's develope cutting edge technology second only to the Aurora. I wanted Dierkers Silver Claw to be a reflection of his character. I made the proportions low like a formula one cause Dierker would be an underhanded fighter. I based many of the design feature off his face. The car has a long pompous nose and a grill that mimicks his clenched teeth. The long lines that lead to the side air intakes mimicks his sneer and I put the exhaust pipes behind his head so that from a front view, when the exhaust shoots out short flames, it looks like Dierker has horns of fire for added devil effects :)


DMBoyleDesign said...

You can totally tell it's the bad guys car. What sort of references did you use to make these old cars?

jason hazelroth said...

I'll post my image board and all my thumbnail work after we can release everything.

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