Thursday, March 25, 2010

RoboCop Posters

I was playing around with how I would market my movie version of RoboCop, so I mocked up some movie posters. More like teaser posters. I wanted them to be sleek shiny, and kinda sexy looking.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Robocop 2

Continuing with my redesign of the Robocop universe I thought it was time to redesign Murphy most dangerous opponent, Robocop 2. While Robocop 2 was extremely impactful to me as a kid I questioned his inception, and so I wanted to update his design as well as give him a more logical back-story.

In my version of Robocop, Dick Jones’s ED-209 was the loser as an urban pacification droid to Robocop’s superior technology, however his design was successful as a military contract and is utilized by the Army as an all terrain tank. Robocop 2 is actually the next version of the ED line called ED-309. I rendered a version of ED-309 with his military amour and graphics. Having been humiliated by the original Robocop’s team success, Dick Jones is obsessed with creating a superior machine, which drives him to recruit Cain as his candidate for Robocop 2. ED-309 becomes Robocop 2 when Cain’s mind is inserted into a 309 unit and is a given the traditional metallic steel amour. I’ll likely do a rear view soon but please let me know what you think.