Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bridge Explosion

The Bridge was one of the first things I worked on back in 2005. It was meant to be a wooden bridge for trains to cross over. I had alot of fun depicting the battles you could have underneath.


danny gardner said...

thanks for the comment jason; very nice work on here. i love how crazy you went on your ring design, and congratulations on the engagement!
look forward to more work :)

Robert Simons said...

Dud your stuff is kick ass man =) hope to see more work soon dud

Hao Wu said...

thanks man nice updates! always love WWII stuff =]

Jia said...

Thanks for the comments man!
I love the cleaness of the rendering in your work, thats something id like to be able to achieve in my work.
awesome environments! ill be keeping an eye out!

Anonymous said...

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