Sunday, April 4, 2010


I think the Tron bikes are freakin cool so I wanted to give Robocop his own Robocycle. I tried giving him a Cruiser version of a light cycle and I also wanted it to be able to flatten a bit like the batpod, so I arched it in the middle a little bit. I also added some guns on the top and changed the steering a bit. Robocops holds onto the handles and turns them forward and back as acceleration and brake, and leans to turn like the Batpod and Lightcycle.
It was fun to make so I hope you like it.


Jonathan Ryder said...

Dude you've been busy, awesome designs man...especially enjoying your Mega Man design.

Grant Donovan said...

Really dig your design sense, some fun stuff man...just thought i'd throw out a suggest for your robo-cyle though. (nothing like a back seat designer, i know), but what if it was the same design w/o any sort of handles and just an indent for where robo-cop fits into the bike, so he can basically plug into it and the bike becomes an extension of him.

Anonymous said...

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