Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I wanted to try my hand at redesigning MegaMan as a live action character. I had designed some suits before for something unrelated, but a friend mentioned that it looked like MegaMan. With a few tweaks I decided to render him up and this is what I got. Let me know what you think. I'm considering designing his robodog as well. Oh and the bottom one just looks cool. Kind of an effects version of what he looks like in the dark :)


jeremy melton said...

Seriously sweet man. Love it! I was never a real big fan on Mega Man but, for me, you made him cooler. Well done sir!

Justin Lewers said...

Oh my God! I better check my pants. Live action Mega Man "Sweet"! Thanks you Jason

TH3DEN said...

:D Heck yah mega man!! Your designs are blowin my mind, as is your work on saboteur, great colors and really sweet designs on the rides! :D On that note Are you ready for Mega Man 10! :)

Robert Simons said...

WOW Hahahahaha Grait magauman Man hahahaha the work is awesome man

Anonymous said...

You mentioned this project evolved from a previous design that someone said looked like a possible Mega Man design.

Well, after looking at the design for Mega Man with the alteration that you said what he would look like in the me, he looked like a revisited Tron character. Maybe before the new Tron 2 movie comes out, you can do some revisits of Tron characters

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Now that is some really nice stuff man! Great work! hope youmake more of the main characters like blues and forte ;D

Tighe Lory said...

Looks great, but you might want to give him the ability to bend his spine. The torso has no articulation.

Danny said...

Hey, I like your design! I want to make it very clear that I think it's an extremely well thought out and constructed design.

I just think that it's a bit too muscular for original Megaman. Mega Man can be tall if wanted, but he's more lanky than anything. Think the difference between a Tom Cruise (at 5'7" 160 lbs) and a Christian Bale (at 6'1" 210/220). The way the design is, he'd make a great Mega Man X.

danomatik said...

Really good design, except for the torso like Lory said, needs to be flexible.

Also the ankles, because of the metal plates that come down from the shins they lack freedom of movement.

Otherwise awesome work!

CharonHatesHerons said...

I really like your Mega Man illustration. I am wondering if you considered making him more childlike, similar to the original story itself? I have been toying with a short story/script which I would love see produced where the character Mega Man originates in the form of a boy 12-13 years old who suffers fatal injuries at the hands of Dr. Wiley's evil robots. Dr. White saves him (a'la Robocop) replacing his severed right arm with the proton cannon enabling him to fight Wiley. Later, a mongrel dog beaten to death on the streets of Tokyo becomes Rush.

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