Friday, October 16, 2009


I wanted to give Robo a cool custom car. I modeled it after the Carbon Motors cop car and various other sports cars to give it a muscle super car look. I was going for a sort of next gen version of the Carbon motors cop car. I especially liked how they integrated the police lights into the body so I thought it'd be cool to place a long red light through the body of the car that acts as a long siren light.

I also wanted to try some different color combinations and rear designs.


Nori Tominaga said...

wow that's great! Kinda timely too since (I believe) the Tokyo Motor Show begins soon with some pretty high tech designs. There's a new Mazda with long wavy sorta lights (could be just a concept car actually).

Congrats on your wedding too!

Kevin T. Chin said...

Lovin it J.

Humza Khan said...

I dig the red strip siren integrated in the body of the car, very interesting.

DMBoyleDesign said...

I love the line running from front to back. I imagine it pulsing when the brakes are applied or when the police lights are on. Kinda like Knight Rider but smoother, like the Cylons in the new BSG.
The Carbon Motors police car is so awesome. Too bad my dad is retired from the force, he really wanted to take it for a spin when it comes out. :D

Anyways, kick ass work dude. You sure you weren't an ID major?

SquarePixel said...

Dude, that's a pretty slick design. Using the body as one long siren is pretty cool idea and connects the palette.

jason louie said...

Thanks Jason... I'm digging your vehicles a lot. Especially this one. Looks like you had fun.

delatorre said...

Robocop! Yes! This is really cool man. I like in the direction you took this, and your designs are all really tight. cudos, keep creating.

Anonymous said...

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