Sunday, October 12, 2008

Robocop helmet design

I wanted to show how Robocops helmet comes apart in stages. He requires special tools to disassemble his helmet making him heavily reliant on OCP for maintanace and repair.
Hope you like.


cdeboda said...

I like it. Thanks also for stopping by recently. Gives me a chance to check out even more cool blogs. :)

DMBoyleDesign said...


Dude, these are AWESOME.

I heard they're making a rebooted version of Robocop.... hope they keep the setting in Detroit.

You gonna make a ED-209 design next? :D

Hao Wu said...

nice stuff dude. Indeed alil Phill Saunder like. very nice and well thought designs. =]

jeremy melton said...

You da man! Looks great,

Wayne Porter said...

really nice designs here. Great job.

jpforjohnpark said...

WOw jason, I really dig your design explorations. ill be coming back for more of your awesome work!

Edd Cross said...

Hi Jason,

I stumbled across your blog from my daily visit to

You may be pleased to know that your artwork has generated it's own forum topic:

Impressive artwork!

Anonymous said...

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